This is mainly a workshop diary. Eventually different pieces will become another film. Updates will happen as time allows.

You can hire me!

Advertising for myself isn't easy. This was done as a reward for myself after a hard job. Animated and everything ion less than a week.

"You can hire me!" on vimeo

music: Drum Box Dub

This is already my 3rd album.

music: Tales from the Landline

My 2nd album, enjoy.

Black Dog

Stuff I do for myself, testing new styles and techniques.

"Black Dog" on vimeo

happy 2022

"2022" on vimeo

"Darf man Tauben töten?"

2nd project with this really nice client. Let's see if this ecvolves into a series.

"Darf man Tauben töten?" on vimeo

music: Tabletop Travel

I'm proud to present my first album of music other than film scores. Enjoy!

happy 2021

"2021" on vimeo

"Machen Tauben krank?"

This project was much fun to do because of the very cooperative client. We wanted to give serious information but in a playful manner. Also the pidgeons had to be anatomical correct to a certain extent, while at the same time act with some personality.

"Machen Tauben krank?" on vimeo

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