This is mainly a workshop diary. Eventually different pieces will become another film. Updates will happen as time allows.


3 men in the rain.

3 Männlein im Regen.

D 2008, 2:30, HDTV to PAL. BetaSP, DigiBeta and 35mm available.

interfilm Short Film Distribution

Paraplü is now officially online on Youtube!

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Paraplü has officially premiered on the 25th International Short Film Festival Hamburg on June 3rd.

The characters of Paraplü will star in other films I've already planned. Next in production should be Schopeng, scheduled for the 200th birthday of Frédéric Chopin in 2010. It will follow the same premise: a simple funny story told without words, just animation, sounds and music. The character design is simple enough to be executed in whatever combination of drawings and software I choose, and the content suited for TV as well as for mobile devices and internet.

I'd like to extend this format into a series of films, each 2 minutes long, if I can find a producer for it. Interested? Contact me to learn about more this concept.