This is mainly a workshop diary. Eventually different pieces will become another film. Updates will happen as time allows.


The Saarland branch of the german Pirate Party commissioned me to do three spots about Hans-Peter Friedrich (Minister of the Interior) for the upcoming elections. They came up with the idea of the Datenhamster(part 1) (part 2) (part 3).

Datenhamster 1 by markus kempken on vimeo.

Datenhamster 2 by markus kempken on vimeo.

Datenhamster 3 by markus kempken on vimeo.


Another very fast project on short notice, for McFeedback.

McFeedback by markus kempken on vimeo.


My next project involves lots of animals. Here's a sheep.

Click image for a short animation.

Berliner Energietisch

Markus Wende directed and designed this spot for the Berliner Energietisch campaign. I animated 4 scenes and worked on the sound.

Berliner Energietisch on youtube.

Happy 2013!

Just one day's work to send best wishes to everybody.

Happy 2013 by markus kempken on vimeo.

Mobile Knowledge Spot

Commissioned by, this short spot will be used as introduction for presentations and workshops. It's planned to be the first of a series about different topics.

Mobile Knowledge by markus kempken on vimeo.

Interfilm Short Film Festival 2012 Trailer

The Interfilm Festival commissioned me to produce this trailer for them. It will run in cinemas on 35mm or digitally, in the Berlin subway TV, online, and maybe in TV, as well as in front of every program during the festival. That's why I had to put in more detail than possibly visible on first glance: the audience may discover new stuff each time. Make sure to watch in HD and full volume.

All animation was done in Anime Studio, with some additions from TVPaint. The photographs of buildings were done over the course of several months in Berlin, all by me. The music is by me,too!

Interfilm Short Film Festival 2012 Trailer by markus kempken on vimeo.

Hamburgisches Transparenzgesetz

The people's initiative "Transparenz schafft Vertrauen" commissioned me with this short film to explain the new law they helped to install in Hamburg. Production time was very short: just a week from script to film, and I had to speak the voice-over myself.

Hamburgisches Transparenzgesetz by markus kempken on vimeo.

early season's greetings

This was a fast project, it all started with the silly noise of that horn, and I developed the idea from that: a boring company tries to get into festive mood. I still hope somebody gets the hint and comissions me with some nice New Year's Greetings animation.

Boring Company's Season's Greetings by markus kempken on vimeo.

"An Oversimplification of Her Beauty" by Terence Nance

Finally I can link to the feature film which I contributed some animation to earlier this year. I haven't seen anything besides this trailer and my own parts, but the film will premiere in the New Frontiers section of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, and I wish Terence all the best!

An Oversimplification of Her Beauty • Teaser by Terence Nance • Terence Etc. on vimeo.

happy easter!

Can't show yet any of what I've been working on since December. In the meantime, I've sent Reginald on his well-earned holiday trip.

Click image for a short animation.

happy new year!

Click image for a short animation.


My faithful PPC G5 Mac died. Fortunately I have a spare machine, but it took quite some time to set it up the way I'm used to. It's amazing how many drivers and settings you can forget.

I did this short animation after I set up TVPaint again. It's inspired by a scene from Yoji Kuri's "The Bathroom". The thick lines and bright colours should make it ideal content for small screens, like mobiles.

Click image for a short animation.

"2 Berge" now online

I just put my 2008 film 2 Berge on vimeo. The little TV symbol in the navigation bar at the right will tell you which of my films you can watch online. I plan to publish more of my old films as time allows.


Back to my next project, a music clip with a sped up version of Chopin's Funeral March. The initial idea is quite old, but it wasn't until last year that all pieces fell in place. Besides, 2010 is Chopin's 200th birthday, so I need to finish this until summer.

The short animation shows the evolution of the character's movement and design and gives an impression of the direction I want to tweak the music.

Click image for a short animation.

music for easter film

Markus Wende ( just finished a very nice short easter greeting film, and he asked me to do music and sound FX for it. We had fun doing all the chicken voices. The banjo of course is not a real one. See the result on youtube.

new film finished

I just uploaded my last job to youtube (english version). It's a 5'30" promotional film halfways between instruction and advertisement and was done in a very short production time all by myself: only 3 weeks from script to screen! The client is very happy with the result, as well as I am because I could work in one of my favourite styles, a reminiscence of the instructional films of the 50's.

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