This is mainly a workshop diary. Eventually different pieces will become another film. Updates will happen as time allows.

"Schlaganfall - erkennen und helfen"

This public announcement film was done in 3 different versions and 5 different languages. It had to work without sound because it's shown on screens in public spaces (waiting rooms etc).

"Schlaganfall - erkennen und helfen" on vimeo

happy 2020

"2020" on vimeo

"Spoon" now online

After its quite successful festival run now it's time to make "Spoon" available to everybody, for free. Of course cinemas and festivals still can book it from me.

"Spoon" on vimeo

dark, very dark inside

The Framerate Challenge is a nice way to lure animators into small side projects. I had fun to create this entry in just 3 days. See details at if you want to participate, either as animator or as sound designer.

"dark, very dark inside" on vimeo

Mini-Organe und Multi-Organ-Chips - wie geht das?

My second film for

"Mini-Organe und Multi-Organ-Chips" auf youtube.

happy 2019

"2019" on vimeo

activities, new film

There's a new film in the making, "Rotkäppchen", to be finished in 2019. I've put some pieces on vimeo already.

I did something in February, nice job, nice team, but so far the client hasn't paid. For those of you with similar problems I recommend


In order to keep any tracking to the bare minimum, I've deleted all iframes and changed all videos to open in a new window directly linked to youtube and vimeo. Sorry for the inconvenience, but at the moment it's impossible to embed from those sites without letting them track you to home and beyond.

This website doesn not track anything, and uses no cookies.

Two Popes

I was recommended to Wilfried Hochholdinger who needed an animated music video for one of his tracks. Budget was minimal, so I did the whole thing in just two weeks of production time, without a storyboard or much planning. Most stuff was improvised and it was fun to do.

Two Popes from markus kempken on Vimeo.

Im Netz der Lügen: Fake News im Internet

Mario Sixtus asked me to do some animation for this 45 min documentary. I produced roughly 4 min of animation which are spread all over the place - watch out for these characters:

It was a fun project to do, with a well-prepared client. Hopefully the video URL stops changing so I don't have to update the link every other week.

Im Netz der Lügen: Fake News im Internet

Referenzfilmförderung and other timeconsuming activities

Because "Spoon" ran on 3 qualifying festivals and got that Prädikat Besonders wertvoll, I spent the last 3 months with preparing the storyboard for a new film, but mostly with providing lots of paperwork to 5 different agencies, all necessary to get official funding. I knew why I avoided this procedure before!

The new project will be a 10 min cut-out animation film, production starting in June, maybe. How much funding I get is not decided until end of April. [Update] I didn't get the BKM funding, so that film project is shelved.

"Spoon" ran on 28 festivals so far and was rejected by 40. I've used several submission services to keep up with the process, for anyone interested about this I've written a brief primer.

I'm also proud that "Spoon" was selected to run at the international conference "Animation and Memory" in Nijmegen in June, and that it will be subject (among others) of a thesis about that same topic.

"Spoon" festival update

So far "Spoon" has been shown in or is scheduled for:

Also I've got official recognition for the film now:

ein kleiner schweizer film

I'm still waiting for the premiere of "Spoon". In the meantime I restored an old film of mine which was done on Super8 in 1985. The old catalogue text read:

Die Schweiz. A.) Einleitung: Die Schweiz ist eine Erfindung der Schweizer. B.) Hauptteil: Ein Schweizer ist in der Schweiz geboren und C.) Schluß: muß ein Leben lang eine Fiktion verkörpern. (Uwe Brandner)

Wir saßen im Kino und sahen einen ungeheuer langweiligen Dokumentarfilm, Als sich J. plötzlich zu mir umdrehte und sagte: "Weißt du, was mir jetzt fehlt? Ein kleiner schweizer Film." Und ich sagte: "OK. Ich mach dir einen."

ein kleiner schweizer film on youtube.

"Spoon" in Stuttgart and Annecy

Wow. Spoon got accepted for competition in both Stuttgart and Annecy. I'll be there, Stuttgart 26.4. to 1.5. and Annecy 13.6. to 18.6. The premiere will be Saturday June 30th 21:00.

It will also be shown at the Filmfest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Schwerin 3.5. to 8.5. Here's the poster, it's in A1.

Click image for bigger version.

"Spoon" is finished

I'm happy to announce that my 4 min film is completed now and out in the wild. It's been submitted to several festivals, so I still don't know where the premiere will be. I'm so looking forward to it, it's my first film with Dolby 5.1. sound.

Click image for bigger version.

Click image for bigger version.


These are backgrounds for my recent personal project, "Spoon".

Click image for bigger version.

Click image for bigger version.

WDR Quarks & Co

I did some animation for a story about Botox and mice for german TV station WDR.

Mäuse gegen Falten (WDR Mediathek)

Pirate Party Hamburg Election Spot 2015

Commissioned Spot for TV.

Wahlwerbespot Piratenpartei Hamburg 2015 by markus kempken on Vimeo. Also on youtube.

Happy 2015

Happy 2015 by markus kempken on Vimeo.

Mood Test

Some walk in the rain I did for Berlin Breakdown to test the SFX and the colours. Unfortunately youtube butchers all details.

Mood Test on youtube.

Happy 2014

Happy 2014 by markus kempken on vimeo.

Interfilm Short Film Festival 2013 Trailer

The Interfilm Festival commissioned me again to produce a trailer for them. It will run in cinemas, in the Berlin subway TV, online, and on TV, as well as in front of every program during the festival. Make sure to watch in HD and full volume.

This time I collected thousands of photographs from internet sources, processed them in TVPaint, and put everything together in Anime Studio. And the music is by me again!

Interfilm Short Film Festival 2013 Trailer by markus kempken on vimeo.

Gegen Tierversuche

This film was commissioned by Ärzte gegen Tierversuche, please contact them if you want to use it. All experiments mentioned are based on real life, only simplified for easier understanding. Voice over was done by Michael Seeboth again. The film has an official youtube page.

Gegen Tierversuche by markus kempken on vimeo.

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