This is mainly a workshop diary. Eventually different pieces will become another film. Updates will happen as time allows.

Berlin Breakdown

is the working title for my "big film". Big as in 90 minutes long, HDTV, 2D hand animated, mostly by just me. It is the story of a man who, living in Berlin, suffers from a lot of things: the city, the people, his girlfriend's leave, his work - everything is pushing him more and more out of his mind.

Click to enlarge. Click here for a short animation.

The animation will reflect his mindset, as his reality appears more and more warped. First it's just tiny little deviations from normality, colourful additions to an everyday Berlin. But the events change his perception until he's completely absorbed within his own world.

As much as the conflicts between our hero and the world are serious in nature, as entertaining they are for the audience. Since he is an animator by profession, he's used to explain everything in terms of animation. His friends and love interests are not always as delighted as he is when he turns serious business into silly cartoon.

This is going to be animation for adults - no flying superheroes, no wizardry, no weapon cult, no talking animals (well... maybe). There will be sex, there will be some violence - but no gangsta rap and no fight scenes.

The animation will be done by hand but completely digitally, with the exception of some backgrounds. I'm planning to do most of the film all by myself: story, art direction, animation, music. It could be done in 3 to 5 years. Target audience should be found in all bigger cities in the world - although the film will have a definite Berlin flair, it will be understandable everywhere.

I'm still searching for a producer for this. Contact me if you are interested.