This is mainly a workshop diary. Eventually different pieces will become another film. Updates will happen as time allows.

programs and tools

I'm a classically trained animator with pencil and paper. In 1993 I was introduced to work both with the Quantel Paintbox and the Macintosh. Since then I had learned many a program. Most of them had nothing to do with animation, with the exception of Animo for which I was a beta tester.

It was not until 2006 when I found two programs which worked for me and allowed me to create animation on my Macintosh. The first one was Anime Studio, then still sold under the name Moho, a very fine vector based program which I prefer much over Flash for character animation.

The other one was TVPaint, a bitmap based animation package which excels in mimicking natural media. I can animate directly on a Cintiq21 tablet screen now, which saves a lot of time, namely the endless hours I spent with scanning.

For all my projects I use a healthy mix of any software which will do the job: Photoshop, Anime Studio, TVPaint, Flash, AfterFX, FinalCut. It's a good feeling to be able to create HiRes (HDTV) output on my machine at home.

For recording, sound design and music I use Audacity and Logic. I very much like to create my own sound FX, and I do my own field recordings.

Besides animation lessons I also offer workshops in TVPaint and Anime Studio, since both programs are not for absolute beginners.

Please contact me if you want more information or have a job for me. I'm used to work on remote and completely online, just remember that Berlin uses Central European Time!